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My Approach

Designing for the web is about much more to me than making pretty pixels. I believe design is about solving problems. We're in this because businesses have needs, and we can help. Whether it’s a complex interface for a web application, or a web site that's designed to accomplish a marketing goal, it’s all about adding value. When I'm hired to do anything, my first job is to identify that value. The skills I apply are used as a means to make the value come to fruition.

I also believe collaboration is key. I don’t try to do everything on my own. I absolutely rely on experts in the business and in other skills to inform and motivate how I work. By adding my own experience and expertise, I’m able to work well with a team to bring new ideas to the table, and I find great joy in working with others toward the same goal.

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Design For The Modern Web

I understand what it’s like to design for today’s web. You can’t predict where and how your product will be viewed. That uncertainty is what I design for. I can ensure the product you’re building will be useable on today’s (and tomorrow’s) devices.

Some of the principles I design with:

  • Know who you’re designing for. Empathy for users from the outset will help inform your design process.
  • Words are powerful. Use them right, and use them well. Content strategy is design.
  • Know who you're desiging for.User research and Information Architecture provide the foundation for delightfully guiding users to business goals.
  • Don’t make users think. If you have to, find a way to teach them something.
  • Aesthetic is important.But it’s is only a part of the solution.
  • Use the right tools for the job.Evaluate your tools and use the right ones for the job (graphics editors, mockups, sketches, the browser, feedback)
  • Test early and often.Get the right feedback to either validate or break your assumptions. Prove as much as possible that you've designed the right feature.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Knowing the fundamentals of design help me know which rules to use and which to bend or break.

Expert Frontend Development

I specialize in modern frontend development techniques. I develop clean, modular code that’s easy to maintain, and use best practices for optimizing code and workflow, making it easy for me to work with a team.

Development knowledge and approach:

  • Save time.Use custom approaches and/or frameworks for developing responsive websites that work across various device sizes.
  • Optimize code & workflow.Use various tools and approaches for optimizing code, such as Grunt, Guard, and CodeKit. Experiment with workflows like prototyping and designing directly in the browser.
  • Expert HTML & CSS knowledge Know what's possible in browsers, and harness the power of templating and preprocessors.
  • Choose wisely when being interactive. Always consider speed and compatiblity when working with javascript or the libraries that use it.
  • Be modular.Write object-oriented, modular CSS that’s easy to re-use and maintain.
  • Comment your code adequately. Code should be as self-explanatory as possible, but nothing can replace a good, informative comment.
  • I work great with backend developers! I’ve worked alongside teams who use Java, PHP and .Net. I’ve even learned some basic Ruby and built a basic Rails app.
  • Choose the right CMS.Not every CMS is right for the job. Evaluate the budget and need and choose the right one. (I work great with teams that are developing for CMSs)

I'm quite comfy working with teams using various technology stacks including:
Ruby on Rails, Laravel, .Net MVC, Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, Statamic, Perch CMS

I'm currently accepting missions.

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